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Once upon the time we would rarely hear about extremist fringe groups or radical politicians unless they broke the law and made the nightly news. Yet over the last two decades more and more we know about them, they get the media attention and even they get elected with some sad cases even obtaining some power.

What made the difference? What has made our world sink to such low depths? Could it be that we, the educated, responsible West is in fact as sheep-like and mob-ruled as the illiterate and impoverished masses in the rest of the world? Could it be that these radicals are right, that single-issues, race, nationalism and even violence are a natural human course? “The Ugly Fringe” is simply my attempt to discuss these issues and with self-imposed rules to attempt to be fair as possible in viewing them. Though I believe the answer is the new age of media – especially the World Wide Web – being the main cause and that radicalism is the very natural excuse for not wanting to grow in humanity and an attempt to stop natural (or unnatural) change – I am happy to look at logical explanations, reasoning and excuses.

We all know about radicalism these days via the ugly face of terrorism and that it is a very real danger that threatens us all, but it is discussed endlessly and if it is actually religious based or political is up to debate. That subject and the issues of life in the developing world, its politics and is problems is a subject in itself and is not covered here. “The Ugly Fringe” is about radicalism, popular nationalism, hypocrisies and abuses here in the West.

I watch American politics with much interest because of the influence, importance and power of that nation. The inability of controlling the mob in that country has an affect globally, not only in the resulting image it creates but in the encouragement it has in other nations. Often I will put excerpts from sites that are based on independent views and who back up details with references and without reservation I give praise to sites such as FactCheck.Org and PolitiFact.com and it is in their spirit that I seek to discuss issues with independence and look at the one single element that often exposes that ugly side of radicalism – actual facts.

Dear reader, if you are from the left or right, conservative, liberal, communist or even a die-hard fascist – I do not care and welcome. Your own views are your right and we should respect that. I am interested here in facts and to question and yes even target those that abuse context and reality. Please feel free to comment on any section as long as they sit within the very simple rules I set here – including on myself: No profanities, no personal attacks, no spamming and be prepared to back-up claims with references or examples. If one is religious, their views should be respected and they should respect the views and rights of those that do not follow their faith.


DC (aka TheUglyFringe)

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