Posting Rules

The rules here are simple.

  • No ugly profanities
  • No personal attacks
  • No spamming
  • No prosthelitizing

Everyone is allowed to express their political or social opinions based on the above rules.  The entire idea is to discuss freely.  If your a die-hard fascist or a devout communist, a paying member of the Republican Party and a Tea Party supporter, or a member of the British Labour Party – that is your business and your right.  When you disallow the rights of others, that is another matter.   

If your a devout Christian, Muslim or what ever religion, that is fine and God Bless if that is what you believe, but the same applies here and this is not a religious battle ground.

I will happily accept posts that stick within the rules and I encourage references and links.  Equally so, I will happily delete those that abuse or those that simply make a view without an effort to support it.


DC (aka TheUglyFringe)

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